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Student Work

Motion Graphics

In this course, students explore the principles of animation using shapes, typography, 3D layers, and cameras.

Students are told what tools and principles to use in their assignments but are given agency to explore subjects that interest them personally. As a result, they all find different ways to engage with the material and the subject matter of submissions varies greatly.

UX/UI design

During this semester-long project, students were introduced to each fundamental step of the UX/UI design process. This project culminated in the creation of a new brand identity with an accompanying mobile app.

At the heart of this curriculum lies a deep understanding of user-centric design principles. Students researched industry trends, conducted user interviews, crafted detailed personas, and mapped out user journeys to meet their target audience. 

Students then designed wireframes in every fidelity, from low-fidelity sketches to high-fidelity functional mockups. Iteration and refinement were key in the process as their designs were subject to multiple rounds of user testing. 

Web design

This course introduces the principles of Web Design using the online design software Figma. Students create low and high-fidelity wireframes as they learn to work collaboratively with other designers. Students also learn the basics of the programming languages HTML & CSS and develop their own static web pages

In the following examples, students recreated an existing web page using these skills. 

graphic design

In these courses, students explore methods for image creation, digital illustration, typography, and branding. Assignments are structured to inform rather than direct decisions and as such can be loosely interpreted or allow for freedom of expression. 

Play is used as a tool to increase student engagement. Letting loose and having fun with assignments is crucial. Students are encouraged to experiment with new forms and different methods of making throughout the design process.

The following are submissions for design assignments including posters, social media advertisements, album covers, collages, typography, and sticker-making.

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